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森川亜依 / Ai Morikawa



2017年に現代美術グループ "omnis" の初期メンバーとして参加。毎年ヒカリエで展覧会を開催しています。












2007   多摩美術大学 美術学部工芸学科 卒業

2007 「多摩美術大学工芸学科 卒業制作展」スパイラルガーデン、東京

2015 「ingresso 展」アメリカ橋ギャラリー、東京 

2017 「omnis 展」渋谷ヒカリエ8 階CUBE、東京

2017 「ingresso 展」River Coffee&Gallery、東京

2019 「omnis 展」渋谷ヒカリエ8 階CUBE、東京

2019 「Big Ideas in Small Art 展」Sheldon Rose Gallery、トロント

2020 「omnis 展」渋谷ヒカリエ8 階CUBE、東京

2021 「omnis 展」渋谷ヒカリエ8 階CUBE、東京

2021 「MODES OF ABSTRACTIONS」Art Gallery 5'14、海外オンラインギャラリー 

2022 「Over the Structures」CICA Museum、韓国

2023 「omnis 展」渋谷ヒカリエ8 階CUBE、東京


Ai Morikawa is an artist in Japan.
She graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Crafts in 2007.
She have been a member of the contemporary art group "omnis" since 2017 as an initial management member. She hold exhibitions at Shibuya Hikarie every year.

My works are composed of simple lines.

I capture the impressive parts of things with lines and memorize them as if I were sketching them.
The accumulated lines come to unravel apart with time, and flow onto the paper through charcoal and brush. I combine them to create new landscapes.
The unraveled lines lose their specific meaning, but retain the striking impressions they left when captured. These are the emotions of the lines themselves; I draw them with my body, taking care to never let them disappear or change.

When I feel as if I am directly in touch with the impression I once had from the work that has appeared as a tangible form, I feel the joy of creation.


2007   Department of Crafts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tama Art University

Group Exhibitions 

2007   'Graduation Exhibition of Tama Art University' Spiral garden, Tokyo

2015   'ingresso' America Bridge Gallery, Tokyo

2017   'omnis EVOLVING' Shibuya Hikarie 8/CUBE, Tokyo

2017   'ingresso' River Coffee&Gallery, Tokyo

2019   'omnis EVOLVING' Shibuya Hikarie 8/CUBE, Tokyo

2019   'Big Ideas in Small Art' Sheldon Rose Gallery, Toronto

2020   'omnis EVOLVING' Shibuya Hikarie 8/CUBE, Tokyo

2021   'omnis EVOLVING' Shibuya Hikarie 8/CUBE, Tokyo

2021   'MODES OF ABSTRACTIONS' Art Gallery 5'14, online gallery

2022   'Over the Structures' CICA Museum, Korea

2023   'omnis EVOLVING' Shibuya Hikarie 8/CUBE, Tokyo

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